Joe Mayers

Yes I am an Engineer, but ...

But I am also a Husband, Grandfather and Fisher/Hunter. Try something to the left or click on a picture below:

The Family.... My beloved wife, Brenda. Click on here picture to go to her website

Fishing and Hunting ...

As a native of Louisiana, I cant think of anything better to do than go fishing and hunting. Click one of the boats below for Fishing pictures.

1967 Glaspar Avalon with original 60hp Johnson Super Sea Horse. Runs like a top and skims over the water to find the fish.

2004 Starcraft Saturn 2000 21' Party Barge with Johnson 88hp motor. Very jazzy upholstery and finishings and it has an enclosed toilet room!

I am a member of the Camp Villerie Hunting Club - 14,000 acres of pine forest. Mostly what I shoot are hogs, small and large. Also a fair amount of night time coon hunting, squirrels, an occasional rabbit. It is a great place to be in the woods. Click on the dreer below for a few pictues of hunting related things

Just as important as hunting, the Club as a dedicated Rifle Range and at least once a week, a group shows up and blasts for hours.

Click on the "50 Cal" or BMG Bullet below for pictures of guns and the rifle range.

Now thats a bullet !

50 Caliber BMG Full Metal Jacket


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