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BANG!    Why not start off with the 50 BMG..... This is a Safe Harbor 50 caliber BMG upper on an AR-15 body and trigger assembly. Basically, the AR bottom is just a trigger mechanism and also the piece with the serial number. The trigger has been modified with a larger spring and hammer for hitting the massive BMG primer.

The scope is a Millet 6-24x50 and is a 1000 yard to 1 mile scope. At 500 yards you can zero in on a squirrel's eyeball. The rifle itself is a single shot. After shooting it, you cock to eject the round, manually insert another into the opening and close the bolt.

Amazingly, it has the kick of a 12 gauge pump shotgun, very manageable.

As with most of my firearms - I reload for cost savings, consistency and fun. For the 50, I use a Lee 50 BMG press and dies. The majority of the available ammo is 650-700 grain full metal jacketed bullets. Currently, I am loading and using 690 grain Armor Piercing bullets with 220 grains of Hodgdon Retumbo gunpowder and CCI #35 primers. Cost per round is right at $2.20 and well worth it.

When you stand behind it when it is shot - you can visualize Star Trek type shows with wormholes and other wierd things. When it is shot, the air around it is compressed and decompressed so radically you think you are looking into some force field. It is hard to explain. I actually enjoy watching other people shoot it as much as I enjoy shooting it. It is that strange to look through the blast.
I also make up Hornady A-Max hunting rounds. 750 grains, also 220 grains of Retumbo gunpowder.


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